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May 7, 2020

Committed to Patients: Ensuring Continuity in a Global Pandemic

David Lynot

During this global health crisis, we remain committed to serving the patients who rely on us. We are filled with gratitude for the work of those in our manufacturing facilities who come to work and ensure patients receive the life-saving medicines we provide. We asked employees in our College Park, Dublin, Ireland manufacturing location to share their thoughts on what motivates them to come to work during this challenging time.

A lot has changed around us. Something that has not changed is patients needing life-saving therapies. I go to work to provide the medication they need.
-    David Lynott, Interim Shift Lead, Packaging

“Our dedicated team of analysts have consistently displayed a positive attitude that has been very inspiring as we all adjust to our new normal. Knowing that we're helping maintain Alexion’s supply chain for patients who rely on our medicines makes it easy to keep coming to work every day.”
-    Kim Buggy, Supervisor, QC Micro

The focus for the Quality Control team is, and always has been, on patients who rely on the vital medicines that Alexion produces. It amazes me just how quickly and willingly everyone here has adapted when faced with the new challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presents. Working with people like this fills me with pride and inspires me to continue working to ensure the safety of patients.”
-    Chris Cannon, Supervisor, QC Micro

It’s during a global health crisis like this that you realize just how important a role we play in providing life-changing medicine to people who really need it. As a society we are being challenged to change the way we live our lives because of an illness, but by continuing to do what we do every day at Alexion, we are ensuring patients get to live their lives to their fullest potential and that’s a powerful motivator to keep going.
-    Wes Walsh, Associate Director, BDS Downstream Manufacturing

Currently we have a small team that come to site every day to perform essential tasks in our BDS manufacturing facility. I am not surprised but always impressed with the level of commitment and pride in this team. I get the sense that the pandemic is making us all feel a little helpless, so it’s always good to reflect on our purpose and the patients who depend on us. Just like we depend on our government and frontline healthcare professionals to battle for us. So I guess it’s simple - we keep the lights on because others depend on us.
-    Enda O’Reilly, Associate Director, BDS Upstream Manufacturing

“In such extraordinary times I feel like I can contribute to something really good and special! I can help to make someone’s life better. Right now, as much our team is helping patients, they help us – give us motivation, make us stronger and help us to continue our mission.”
-    Kamila Zakierska, Bio-Process Technician, BDS operations

The focus of the Quality team here in Dublin is to ensure the continuity of medicine to patients whilst keeping our families safe.  I am inspired by the commitment, collaboration, agility and innovation of the teams in ensuring delivery of medicine for patients who depend on it. I believe we are making a difference.
-    Eva Duffy, Lead Qualified Person (QP)

“I come to work because I truly believe in Alexion’s commitment to transforming patients’ lives. I know that the work we do in BDS has a direct impact worldwide on the health and happiness of patients and their families and I want to be a part of providing that each and every day.’’
-    Sophie Byrne O’Driscoll, Bio-Process Technician, BDS operations

“In the present climate I have the extraordinary opportunity to change lives by acting with integrity, urgency and discipline to help save patients affected with rare diseases, as their lives are at stake.”
-    Mark McDermott, Lead, Packaging Operations

“We have some departments working on site and some working from home, but we are continuing to work together with the same goal, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of patients. You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it.”
-    Nessa McEvoy, Senior Specialist, QC

“While we may not be nurses or doctors working on the frontline, nevertheless we are providing a vital service in supplying essential medicines to patients who rely on us, and therefore it is very rewarding to be able to continue in this endeavor as long as is it safe to do so.”
-    Florry O’Driscoll, Manufacturing Associate, Operations