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August 2, 2021

Embedding patient-centricity | LEAP (Learn, Evolve, Activate, and deliver for Patients)

What began as a bold ambition to deepen the understanding of the journey for people living with rare diseases and devastating conditions and the critical moments that shape their experience has become an emblem of how Alexion keeps patients at the center of everything we do.

“LEAP helps us ‘get in the shoes’ of patients and stakeholders by showcasing the unmet needs along their journey and enables participants to empathize with their challenges, fuels innovative thinking, and embeds patient-centricity in our actions every day.” – Rohita Sharma, Director, Global Stakeholder Insights

What is LEAP?

LEAP (Learn, Evolve, Activate, and deliver for Patients) is Alexion’s series of experiential learning sessions designed to immerse employees in the patient journey from diverse stakeholder perspectives within the rare disease ecosystem. These sessions engage cross-functional team members, patients, and other stakeholders to challenge our assumptions, deepen our understanding of the patient journey, and identify value-added solutions.


The Rare Disease Ecosystem

Alexion Ecosystem

Take A LEAP into the Patient Journey

LEAP plays an important role in helping keep patients at the forefront by deepening our appreciation for the reality of living with a rare disease or devastating condition, while introducing key stakeholders within the patient ecosystem. Click here to experience one moment that matters- the path to diagnosis,  in the LEAP patient simulation for Eli, a little boy living with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) – a genetic, chronic, ultra-rare disease that can progressively damage vital organs, such as the kidneys.

Additional Resources

Take a look at how we have virtualized LEAP for Alexion employees by watching this short video.

To learn more about aHUS, click here. To hear more stories about living with aHUS, click here.